TROPICSAFE Comics – Huanglongbing, the Citrus Disease

The author: Cécile Morillon
Contributors: Hervé Rabille, Raphaël Morillon, Patrick Ollitrault (The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development ) and Christopher Vincent (University of Florida, Department of Horticultural Science)
Cécile Morillon, in collaboration with TROPICSAFE Guadelaoupe partners, CIRAD, created this wonderful comic about Huanglongbing (HLB), the Citrus Disease. HLB is one of bacterial diseases threatening selected tropical and subtropical areas and is one of the study object in the project.
The comic, designed in 4 languages (ES, EN, PT, IT) tells the story of the "Yellow Dragon Disease", the insects that act as vectors and the interesting process that it is followed in the TROPICSAFE project to give solution to this problem.
You can find in the next links all four versions, in .pdf format, created under a Creative Commons BY-SA-ND 4.0 licence: