Trainig session on Lethal Yellowing Disease in Coconut Palms

CICY, a partner of the TROPICSAFE project in Mexico, are organising, in collaboration with UNIBO and FEUGA, a three day training session on lethal yellowing diseases in coconut that will allow participants to recognize the disease in the field and experience the techniques and practices are being used and/or developed within the project to manage the disease.

The activities will combine theoretical sessions, visits to laboratories and demonstration activities in the field. An overview of the disease and its presence in the project countries of America and Africa will be presented, the main techniques for the detection of the lethal yellowing-associated phytoplasmas will be explained, and visits to sites with coconut palms infected for symptom observation, sampling and insect collection will be organized. On the last day, a laboratory session will take place to analyse the samples collected in the field visit.

The training session aims to improve knowledge about the disease, its symptoms, transmissions routes, and will also illustrate some control and management measures. The dissemination of this information will help to reduce the economic impact of lethal yellowing which causes significant losses in coconut palm production in different tropical and subtropical countries that are affecting trade and import worldwide.

The training is aimed for staff of companies and organizations involved in coconut palm propagation, cultivation and utilization, technical advisers and consultants, and local plant protection officers. Lectures will be given by some of the TROPICSAFE partners with experience and expertise in the subject area. The training will be in English and Spanish translation will be available.

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