asso-cCountry: Guadeloupe, France

Main role: ASSOFWI participates in co-conception of tools and IMP with farmers, surveillance of psyllids; experiment in controlled conditions and in producing conditions, feedback of producers and engineer on HLB disease in Guadeloupe and transfer of innovations to professionals.

Description: ASSOFWI is an association under law 1901 created in 2003 by fruit growers. Its first objective is the development of fruit diversification in Guadeloupe. It provides technical advices and training to its members, producers, job seekers. It manages an experimental station of 14ha after CIRAD left in 2011. Since 2016, almost 7ha are certified for organic farming. ASSOFWI also tests new cultural practices in collaboration with farmers and research centres.

Contact person: Mr. UNEAU Youri | Technical Manager |