Council for Agricultural Research and Economics | CREA


Country: Italy

Main role: CREA-VE will share its expertise concerning GY diseases, breeding, phenotypic and genotypic characterization of populations, at field and molecular level. CREA-BP will be responsible of economic aspects, concerning the evaluation of economical feasibility of new control measures, accounting analysis at farm level and Cost Benefit Analysis.

Description: CREA is the main Italian public research organization, with specific scientific competence in agriculture, agro-industry, fishery, forestry and economics studies.  CREA-VE (Viticulture and Enology) carries out research studies in all issues concerning grapevine and vineyards, while CREA-PB (Policies and Bioeconomics) specialises in studying the economic aspects of the agriculture, forestry, fishery and food sectors.

Contact person: Elisa Angelini, PhD | Researcher, Center for Research in Viticulture and Enology |