Colegio de Postgraduados | COLPO


colpos-cCountry: México

Main role: COLPO will survey and monitor in order to identify pathogens associated with LY, identify alternative plant and insect hosts and study the epidemiological cycles and biology of insect vectors. It will also be involved in tasks to generate new knowledge on epidemiologic cycles of specific prokaryote pathogens, and developing advanced IPM strategies.

Description: COLPO was founded in 1959 as an Institution of Education, Research and Linkage in Agricultural Sciences. In 1979, it became a Decentralized Public Organism of the Federal Government with legal status and its own property. It provides postgraduate education, conducts research, and agricultural and forestry technical services and assistance for the benefit of society.

Contact person: Dr. Carlos Fredy Ortiz García | Area of Plant Science- Phytopathology Laboratory |