Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna | UNIBO


Country: ITALY

Main role: The University of Bologna (UNIBO) will be responsible of scientific, technical and overall Project coordination, and will also participate in tasks related to obtain updated data and information on LY, HLB and GY diseases and evaluate the socio-economic sustainability and feasibility of the new technologies and Integrated Pest Management strategies.

Description: Founded in 1088, UNIBO is known as the oldest University of the western world and has a long track record in the management of EU founded projects. The Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences is leading TROPICSAFE project. Its Phytobacteriology laboratories offer expertise in isolation, biochemical, molecular and taxonomic characterization of plant pathogenic bacteria and phytoplasmas. A unique collection of prokaryote reference strains is also maintained by this laboratory and available to the scientific community. The most advanced microscopic, biochemical and molecular techniques are applied to identify and characterize plant pathogens and to investigate interaction mechanisms to setting up the most appropriate disease management strategies in respect to environment, biodiversity and human health.

Contact person: Prof. Assunta Bertaccini | Project leader |